Current Situation

With the rising living costs and the slow increment of income especially in cities area, many are looking for side incomes or to venture a side business. However, often many are slap with reality of the high cost of starting own business or even the barrier to enter a market as many don’t have the experience and knowledge needed in the field.

Therefore, many are unsatisfied with their income however they fail to find a sustainable side career that can help them when they have no experience, capital, and network.

According to survey, teenagers are also less likely to be dependent on their parents. They would turn to online channels to start their own business as it is the cheaper alternative. However, many are met with scams and unsold stocks, causing them to lose a big portion of money.

Our Mission

  • Motivate and unleash potential talents to cultivate PASSIONATE BUSINESS ASSOCIATES through innovative and rewarding entrepreneurship platform.
  • Create positive change to our community and environment as aSOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE
  • To INCREASE THE SOCIO ECONOMYof B40 class to achieve a higher income and better lifestyle.
  • TACKLINGUNEMPLOYMENT during economy downturn 
  • CLOSE THE OPPORTUNITY DIVIDEby providing women, youth, and even the unemployed with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through our platform.

What we believe

We at Anemos believes that everyone should be given an opportunity to learn ways to add on a side income. With the development of internets and social media nowadays, we believe that venturing into an online business should not be as much as a burden compared to traditional business. Through online platforms, we envision that everyone will be able to at least have the skills needed to start an online business.

We also believe that proper guidance and experience are required to build up a new generation and new era of doing business especially here in Malaysia, and access to these should not be a burden to all especially single mothers, youth, and unemployed persons.

Our Impact

Our aim is to empower women, youth, and the unemployed to have the skills and experience of running a business especially online at near to no cost.

We pair with experienced personnel in different areas who will be teaching and guiding our target group in different fields such as marketing and branding to ensure that they are well equipped with the skills needed in the market.

On top of that, we will also provide them with products for them to explore and sell on online platforms with the skills we have equipped them. We will not incur any charges for the products and also will pay them the margin of profit for each product sold successfully. Logistic part of the products is also covered by the company so they only focus on practicing what they’ve learn and gaining the hands-on experience.

Concurrently we have invested into social media marketing to increase our brand and product awareness especially within Malaysia. We will adjust the percentage of amount invested into social media marketing from time to time to increase the effectiveness of our campaign and promotions. This is to ensure a smoother experience for the target groups as clients are more likely able to find our information online.

After joining us, we believe the members will be equipped with marketing and branding knowledge, as well as a large network. Which is helpful for anyone who wish to venture into business world but have not much capital. We’ll help them to increase your own value while at the same time earn income and experience.